Songs for World Peace (@songs4worldpeace) is a global initiative by musicians from all over the world to promote peace through the power of music. They are supported by other established organizations such as Musicians Without Borders, Together Productions, art27, and United Nations’ International Day of Peace. Its goal is to share 190+ songs from 190+ songwriters from 190+ countries about world peace and have these songs be performed in 70+ native languages. Even though SFWP just launched a week ago, it already has 60+ songs available from 70+ artists. Here you can get a glimpse of what these musicians have been creating for a better world:


Alize: ”World peace is the sum of love, kindness and faith.”

Esin Aydingoz

Esin Aydıngöz, who is a Turkish film composer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, got invited to represent Turkey for this humanitarian project. Her original song “Bütün Bir Dünya” got released when SFWP launched last week – on International Day of Peace. Her long-time collaborator Alize sang the lead vocals, and her friend Mahir Can Küçük from Berklee College of Music took care of the choir vocals, mixing, and mastering. Mehmet Gürkan, a very successful video producer based in Milan, did the video & illustration. With a lot of collaboration and very high motivation, the song got written, arranged, produced, completed, and released within a week!

To hear “Bütün Bir Dünya” follow the link below! 

Here is what world peace means to these Turkish artists:

  • Esin: ‘World peace is the possibility for all mankind to feel and behave as one. When kindness reigns, thoughts are set free and fear is gone.’
  • Alize: ‘World peace is the sum of love, kindness, and faith.’
  • Mahir: ‘Putting the entire blame on individual politicians for injustices has not and will not get us anywhere. The path to world peace can only be paved with a collective struggle against prejudice and indifference.’
Mahir Can Kucuk

Music, Lyrics & Arrangement: Esin Aydıngöz (@esinaydingoz)
Lead Vocals: Alize (@alizeofficial)
Choir Vocals: Mahir Can Küçük (@mahircankucuk)
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Mahir Can Küçük (@mahircankucuk)
Video & Illustration: Mehmet Gürkan (@gurkan.mehmet)

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