Olympian Priscilla Frederick talks about sexism, racism and being an independent female athlete


Interview: Sofia Sparta

“I want to make sure that people when they see me, they see strength, they see passion, they see pride, they see love, they see ambition all through me.”

To shine some light in lieu of all the darkness, I had the pleasure to interview a beacon of positivity and tenacity Priscilla Fredrick- Loomis. 

Born in Queens, New York and raised in South Jersey Priscilla Fredrick-Loomis started her athletic career at the ripe age of 6. Overcoming adversity from highschool coaches, she has remained unwavered in her self discipline and belief, and has achieved the status of an Olympic grade, international professional athlete specializing in the high jump competing for Antigua and Barduda. 

Through this interview, Mrs. Frederick- Loomis took me on her career journey and what it means to be an unsponsored athlete in competitive sports. Instead of viewing the lack of support from major corporations as a setback she made it into an advantage point that allows her to be authentically herself by sporting her purple hair at competition to speaking her truth on worldly views without a brand filter. 

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