Meet Yana Sar who is the director of short movies like; Yellow Arrow and Anna Karenina. We talked about her projects and what is the real meaning of filmmaking to her. Yana was a guest director of The Virtual Networking Tank’s July event where people can meet with other filmmakers one-on-one. Follow us and stay tuned for the next event!

Yana SAR

I am at the beginning of my filmmaking career. I have made two short films, both psychological thrillers, which have been featured at several film festivals worldwide. Currently, I am in the post-production stage of a television project that is very dark and shocking in nature.

Filmmaking to me is a process of construction and deconstruction. You build a new world by creating a new environment, inventing a new society with rules to follow, and introducing new relationships. Those who are passionate about filmmaking become so immersed in the process, working around the clock, and being dissolved in this temporary existence. This new world becomes the only world for them.

After the set has been deconstructed, the picture is locked, and the sound mixing is complete, this world comes to an end.  All that is left of this world is a film, a souvenir to mark its existence. Some films will go down in history and others will be forgotten. Then, as a filmmaker, you look for a new world and the process begins again.

TVNT was a great networking experience for me. I met talented film professionals that I would like to collaborate for future projects. TVNT could not be better for us in these uncertain times.

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