Meet Ika Aliyeva

Ika started her career as a teacher in a small town of Azerbaijan called Lankaran. She remembers her teaching years as the most challenging path in her career as she had to teach different ages of students including 6-16 years. “My students were taller than me and I was too young without any working experience such as I just graduated the university. That challenge encouraged to work more on myself and develop my leadership skills. I needed to be stronger and more creative in order to inspire my students to achieve success.”

Being born and raised in a small town didn’t decreased her ambitions, on the contrary she was dreaming big to change not only her life but also life of people in the community. Ika’s hard work and commitment to her dreams could help her to became a winner of 4 different exchange programs in the US, and was the only girl from her region to win so many famous international programs in a short period of time. But it wasn’t enough for Ika. She still felt she wanted something bigger than that. She wanted to inspire and motivate others.

Femigrants is the online platform for female immigrant entrepreneurs and professionals. Femigrants Platform empowers female immigrants and builds a meaning community of entrepreneurs and professionals who bring positive changes got only to women immigrants’ life but to the whole community. Femigrants mean not just Female Immigrants but influential diverse Female Leaders!

We inspire women immigrants to achieve their goals by educating them on how to become more confident in their abilities and be bold with their business ideas, aspirations and career choices.

Interviewing female immigrants helps Ika learn different real-life stories that develops her own experience. “I feel like I read a new book every time I interview a Femigrant. Each and every Femigrant has a unique experience that couldn’t be compared to others. While talking to different Femigrants, I realized that all of us femigrants have one thing in common, FEAR. Fear of starting from zero, fear of failure, fear of changes and fear of losing our comfort zone. Once we deal with that feeling, then we can do the things that we couldn’t believe many years ago. We can change not only our life but the life our family members, loved once and even our community. The fear of feeling yourself in a big ocean with various creatures in a different size, sharks, starfish, coral, etc. If we want to achieve our goals we need to know how to overcome our fears and fight for our dreams with sharks and other giant creatures. Who survives in the ocean?! The ones that are stronger, confident, patient and consistent. These four skills are the key to success, especially if we are in a new environment and starting our life from scratch. That’s what our platform teaches our community, ‘how to believe in yourself, gain self-confidence, build the right network and learn from others’ experience. With that note said, I believe that one day my Femigrants platform will be the main source where female immigrants, especially new comers can get trustworthy advice, mentorship and motivation. It should be like a boomerang, you get help and you help others. I am sure that Femigrants platform will be the candle for those who find themselves in the dark”.

Ika Aliyeva

Founder of Femigrants

The Network of Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Professionals



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