Emre Tanırgan looked very relaxed and happy when he walked into the Ballroom, where the award ceremony for SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards was held. His project Paradiddle was a finalist and competed against powerful names, one of which was NSynth Super that came out of Google Creative Lab.

1. What do you do in San Francisco? 
I work full time as a prototype and interaction developer at an augmented reality (AR) company called Magic Leap. I’ve been there for almost 3 years now, and most of my work so far has been focused on using hand gestures to interact with virtual content and objects in AR. Since it’s an emerging industry, there are lots of unsolved problems in terms of interaction design and we’ve been doing a lot of experimenting to figure out what works and doesn’t work in AR.

2. What is your startup project? Why is it different?
My project is called Paradiddle (, it’s a VR drumming application I’ve been working on for the past few years on my own. I initially started working on it for myself as a more convenient drumming practice tool, and decided to turn it into an application anyone can enjoy after seeing the reactions it was getting. Drumming can be quite hard to practice at home due to noise, the space taken up by a full drum kit and also how expensive kits can be. Paradiddle lets anyone step over these issues by leveraging VR technology. You can create a virtual drum kit very easily and air drum using VR controllers that can be tracked in space. And everything sounds real because the drums will all sound different based on how you hard you hit them, for instance. There are also some educational features such as the ability to play back something recorded in the app, and seeing when you should be hitting which drum as it’s being played back. 
I was showcasing Paradiddle at the 2019 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards this week as one of the finalists in the Music & Audio Innovation Category, so I got some great feedback from music & tech enthusiasts about where I can take the app moving forward.

3. What is your future plan for 2019 and beyond?
I’m hoping to use 2019 as a chance to expand the visibility of Paradiddle and reach a wider audience. I’m currently trying to improve the app in a few different directions as well; I’ll be adding more types of percussion instruments, creating some educational content to help people who don’t know how to play the drums, and putting the app on some of the VR headsets that’ll be coming out within the next year. 

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