Storm is an ambidextrous artist, fashion designer, shop boss and a cat mom from a hippy town of Florida. Six years ago, she came to New York to visit one of her friends and couch surfed with her a little bit. That’s how her New York odyssey began.

Went to night school (NYU) while she was working full time in styling and fashion industry and also she was setting up events in her free time. In the meanwhile, she moved to West Village where she, later on, launched her own business. She thought that since she has been always an artist and know what she has been doing, why doesn’t she start her own business? This idea triggered her to pursue her dreams and in February 2016 she was handed her store’s key. It is located on 8th street which Storm claims that it is the best street in West Village. And one of the cool thing about her store is that the studio originally was the home of Gertrude Vanderbilt and connected to the original Whitney Museum of art in 1931. When she got the studio’s keys ‘’it was completely white’’ she said. It took her two weeks to paint everything in her studio from ceilings to walls, windows and everything else you can imagine.

In April 2016 Storm Ritter was officially opened. (‘’Everyday’’ from 12:30 pm to 9 pm you can visit!) However, she had been through a lot of retailer problems, she has designed one of the most spectacular shop in New York. As you step into her unique store, the first thing that catches your eye is her amazing cat the symbol of the shop Velvet. (She has her own Instagram page here 🙂 ) Fascinatingly everything you see on the store’s ceiling or wall matches with t-shirts, bags, shoes and other products all over the shop. These kind of products, which applies to every age, either made there or designed there. Also painting clothes and shoes, custom work or any type of alteration, pet clothing are the prominent features of her store. Besides all, Storm Ritter hosts events and parties that we are looking forward to going next time!

When we asked her how would you describe your art? Storm defined it as ‘’ The transaction between art and clothing is what I do.’’ When you visit her store you will definitely understand better what she means by that and feel the harmony of colors and designs all over the place. The transmission from wall art to clothing, the whole process of painting is the best description of Storm’s style.

As The FAKE Magazine we admire her determination that she creates, sells, run the store and manage her social media at the same time.

Follow Storm Ritter Studio here

Follow Storm Ritter here

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