Interview with Emre Şahin/Director-Writer
By Ezgi Uzun

Emre Şahin is an award-winning film and television director based in Los Angeles, California and Istanbul, Turkey. He co-founded the company, Karga Seven Pictures, along with two other Emmy-nominated Producers, Sarah Wetherbee and Kelly McPherson. They then joined Red Arrow Studios in 2015 and opened new offices in Istanbul in 2017.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman is a historical docudrama series which has received a lot of praise from across the world. From the script to the production, Şahin and his team produced this amazing history series that soars above standards leading the production to international platforms. They tell one of the most iconic moments of Ottoman history – the fall of Constantinople – and build a powerful bridge between Ottoman history and our world today.

Şahin says: “We want to tell the story without picking any sides, just focusing on the event.” Mehmed The Conqueror was one of the most powerful Sultans throughout the 600 years of Ottoman Empire history. Taking the capital of the Roman Empire and conquering Constantinople was a movement that changed history.

Sahin currently lives in Los Angeles and his company produces TV shows and documentaries for big companies like Netflix, History Channel and MTV, and they operate the company in both Istanbul and LA. 

We conducted a Hangout interview with Emre to learn more about the backstory of the production and how they got ready. You can watch the interview with Turkish Subtitles.

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