It has been reported that hackers who captured system of Walt Disney company wanted ransom from Walt Disney in US. In case of no payment, hackers, will upload Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man Tell No Tales movie on internet.
According to BBC, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, at a meeting with ABC employees, he noted that hackers have infiltrated the company’s system and have captured one of the films that have yet to be shown.
Iger said that pirates threatened to stream a 20-minute episode of the film they had seized, if they were not paid, on the internet. Recalling that the company refused to pay the requested money, Iger voiced that they applied to the police. Hackers infiltrated Netflix’s system last month, seizing the fifth season of Orange is the New Black and asking for a ransom. When the company did not pay the money, the parts of the index that have not been shown yet have been streamed on the internet.
It is not known whether Disney’s Internet pirates will submit to threats. There was also no explanation of the amount of ransom from the company. If the company does not pay the money, hackers may drop the Pirates of Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales internets before May 26, which is the screening date. Also, there are so many torrent users, online movies, and there are not enough people to support Iger.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-39933406



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