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This is not a love story. I already can’t write a love story. Because, as a person who’s not sure if she’s ever been in love, you shouldn’t expect me to write something about love. And it’s especially hard to write about love if that person is in her 30’s. Anyways, so, I decided to make the decision to have a Latino boyfriend after dating men from other cultures, like a Turkish man, an American, Italian-American and a Philippines-American man. Most of you must have had this experience if you live in New York: The Flavor of Latinos

When I wrote “Flavor”, you definitely thought about sex first, right? Well, I can’t blame you for that. But I’m not just talking about sex. As a woman, most of us don’t think about sex first. I’m not saying that sex is not important but unfortunately our hormones don’t work like that. I wish they worked like that. But what I’m telling you, Latinos, they live life. I’ve never seen a Latino who is depressed. They always have a reason to laugh. If you’ve ever seen a Latino who is depressed, please introduce them to me. I’d like to get to know them and listen to their story about why they are depressed.

Latinos always have a subject to talk to you about. If you’re an outgoing and talkative person then, yes, Absolutely! Latinos are what you’re looking for in your life. They love having fun, not just on weekends, rather every day is a party day for them. Yeah, they love drinking but they don’t force you or tease you if you are not a drinker. This is obviously only my experience with them, I’m not writing all this for all Latinos. I don’t know where they find so much positive energy all the time but I love being around them. I thought that I’m a positive person, but the Latinos I know are more positive than me. They’re so passionate about what they want to have, and they are so welcoming, warm and lovely. If you spend a day with a Latino family, you feel like you are a part of their family. They always feed you and want you to feel comfortable with them, like you’re in your own home.

I had heard negative things about having a Latino boyfriend or Latina girlfriend but my boyfriend, PapiChulo reminded me that is all about personality. You need to accept and understand the other culture, how the other person lives their life, and decide who you want to be. The most important thing is if she/he has a good manner, a beautiful heart, and is educated in both character and mind. This is the message that I’m telling you: Prejudice is not a good thing. Always Remember: Veni, vidi, vici , I came, I saw, I conquered

P.s.: “Vici” is one most important part! 🙂

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