Firstly, let’s take a look at the populations of different beliefs
Number of people in 2015 in billions,
 Christians: 2.3 B
Muslim: 1.8 B
Unaffiliated: 1.2 B
Hindus: 1.1 B
Buddhists: 0.5
Folk Religions: 0.4
Other Religions: 0.1
Jews: 0.01
       Secondly, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Confucianists, Indigenous, Sikhs, Spiritist, Atheist.. etc. All these people have different beliefs. Please keep these in your mind as you read the article.Have you ever thought that there are 7.5 billion human-being in the world and everybody is different from one another?  Now, please tell me how can you convince me everybody else is wrong but you are not. (For who think others are wrong; however, there is no right or wrong.)
Considering 7.5 billion people?? Isn’t it madness to think you are the only one who is right? For instance, in my country, a majority of the population think that what they believe is right and everyone else is wrong.  Unfortunately, this is also not an uncommon perspective worldwide. As you travel, read and explore you realize that there are so many people who have different religion or faith. At first, it makes you doubt yourself because where you come from is different. You are surrounded with people who have the same mentality;  you think that what they say is right without questioning it and can’t accept the reality of different beliefs. As you widen your horizon and explore the world, you come to a realization which is; everybody is free to believe whatever they want. A logical person automatically should think that means everyone has a different point of view about belief. I don’t know why is it so hard to acknowledge this simple reality. To respect someone else’s belief and acknowledge the reality that everybody is free to believe whatever they want. You can’t expect everybody to believe the same thing which you think is right.
      As we all know all these religions also internally differentiated. Two individuals who claim that they are both Christians, Muslims or Jews practice differently from one another due to their sect. It is same in any other religion. They all have different ways of practices which internally separate them from each other. Ironically, I have never seen anybody who doesn’t believe, bother or attack a believer. In contrast, usually, believers give a hard time to people who don’t share the same belief with them all over the world. However, most of these religions based on mutual respect and understanding, we still see people are killing each other because they have different beliefs. It is because of blind faith. Belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination. When you believe in something, do not let it blind you that you can’t look from any other different perspective. Try to see the big picture and break your taboos as understand the importance of respect to one another because that what can solely bring peace to earth.
This is only a simple way of understanding each other. Considering that universe is endless and most probably world is not the only planet which hosts life. The picture gets bigger.
Do you still think that whole universe is wrong but you are right
Did you know these ??
  •   Primitive Baptist Universalists, a branch of Baptists found in Appalachia, are known as “No Hellers” due “to their belief that Hell is actually experienced in this lifetime”
  •  In 2001, hundreds of thousands of people across the world listed their religion on censuses as “Jedi”, a movement so big that it overtook major established religions, becoming the second most popular religion in New Zealand and surpassing the 400,000 people mark in the UK.
  •  A televangelist called Oral Roberts once told his viewers that if he didn’t receive 8 million dollars in 3 months God would kill him, and he received over 9 million dollars in that period of time.
  •  There are Shabbat elevators in areas of large Jewish population in Israel, the United States, Canada, and Ukraine. These elevators stop at every floor so that Jews won’t have to press buttons on the Sabbath since pressing buttons is considered ‘doing work’. A man in Taiwan was mauled by a lion after he jumped into their enclosure with a bible in an attempt to convert them to Christianity.


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