Robert Gulaczyk as a Vincent van Gough self portrait in Loving Vincent. Courtesy of Breakthru Films

Courtesy of Breakthru FilmsAustralian artist Matt Butterworth was met with great interest when he dressed up as Vincent van Gogh in Melbourne’s most famous art gallery and offered to put people on selfie.

Matt Butterworth went dressed like Vincent Van Gogh to Melbourne’s most famous art gallery and hung a banner outside. On the banner he wrote “SELFIE SHOULD FREE” to VAN GOGH (with similar). At 10.00, a few people in front of the Victoria National Gallery, home to the biggest exhibition of Dutch painter van Gogh, began to curiosity.

Butterworth who spoke to the BBC said that his acquaintances were constantly impressed by the likeness of the 19th-century post-impressionist artist, Van Gogh, who was known to have cut his own ear during his mental illness. Butterworth also said, “I’ve taken the love of people to van Gogh, and now I can see why it’s popular.” People connect with her tragic story. ” Butterworth’s selfie activity was meant to give a message at the same time: “We live in the age of self-identity and fame, and van Gogh is now seen as a celebrity rather than a painter, so I thought this concept would be a perfect combination.”




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