Text: Hazel Klier
A Colorado native living in NYC and everything I will never take for granted, EVER:
  • 1. First and foremost, Mountains; nothing compares to the Rockies in the US, and the measly “mountains” that exist on the east coast are the saddest little hills that cannot compete with the likes of any 14ers.

  • 2. Air; I mean clean, fresh, non-odourous oxygen.
  • 3. And OY VEY the humidity…. It doesn’t exist in Colorado. Nor should it exist. Anywhere.
  • 4. Knowing which way is West. When re-emerging from the horrible waste pit that is the NYC subway system, I can never tell which direction is which; instead, I find myself glued to my screen in the hopes that Google maps will guide me in the right direction, like the holy godsend it is.

  • 5. Which leads me to driving. A much more efficient means of transportation when you are anywhere except NYC. Taking an hour subway ride from one place in Brooklyn to another or spend double that in an Uber. In half that time I can make it from Denver to Boulder just cruising on the US-36 W Denver/Boulder Turnpike.
  • 6. Eating pizza with a side of Ranch Dressing. My New York friends think it’s the most blasphemous thing that could possibly happen in the world of pizza, but I think they are just missing out on a fine piece culinary ingenuity.

  • 7. Just having space in general not just a tiny cupboard with no windows for a $1000 bucks a month.
  • 8. A hip community unaware of “hipster” trend culture
  • 9. Not having to worry if my shithead neighbors are going to report me to 311 for smoking weed all day everyday.

  • 10. Actual snow. Not some piss-yellow, black sludge, shoe destroying, sorry excuse for precipitation.

  • 11. Hiking out of the whim. No planning. Just jump in the car and boom you are in an oasis. In NYC it is way too hard to plan a hike. First, you have to find a train or a person with a car to take you there, and timing everything. It is just too much work.





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