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Meet: Tanya Buziak
A Canadian, from Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada-MAROONED…..for real….long story short (or long) – A long distance romance, which started in Vancouver, lead me to Boston, to see my new found love, in the last performance of his tour of the musical, RENT. They were continuing on to NYC the next day, There was no question-I was going. I changed my flight, instead of flying out of Boston, to departing from New York. It had been in my dreams since I was a child. This perhaps was my only chance to see it.  After spending one, awe-stricken day here, I was smitten. Side-tracked by all of the “mini” buildings in this huge, historical, city that was more full of history, and character, than I’d ever seen before. So- I was absent minded (always have been probably always will be) and left my wallet (in the space of one fricken block) on the stoop of the apartment we were staying at, in Chelsea. After running back, 30 seconds later, it was gone. At that time, being Canadian, you weren’t required to have a passport to cross the border, as a visitor. In fact-I don’t think that I even had one. SOOOO my flight obviously had to be rebooked for a second time. The musicians were traveling overnight, to North Carolina, for a show, to perform the music that they’d written themselves (and surely must’ve been itching to play, straying from the monotony of life on tour with a musical), at a small venue. I had to go with them, not that I didn’t want to, but I also didn’t have a choice….this wasn’t a huge problem for me- I was (what I thought was) in love…..I woke up the next morning in North Carolina to the tragedy of 911, in front of my face, live, on the news. Confused. What a tragic and unfortunate accident thid was, that a plane had mistakenly, crashed into the twin towers!! I had seen them, for the first time, the day before. The 2nd plane hit. I was stunned. Stranded, with the clothes on my back, no I.D, no passport, no drivers license- a monumental moment in my life, that lead me to believe in a higher power, whatever it/that/she/he (all of them combined) was…………..(fast forward)….

I am still here. I am an artist. A musician at heart. I got to travel the world in/with a band that I was honored to be a part of. After running 2, weekly, open mics in Brooklyn, and traveling the world with a band called ‘Wakey! Wakey!’ (and James Blunt….yes “your beautiful”), circumstances forced me to find something else…..Fashion…it is my new artistic outlet. And I LOVE IT….I have fallen in love with the vintage designers that I collect and find it very satisfying to be constantly changing the way that I see my little boutique in Brooklyn. It feels like home, it’s my baby. My intensely talented boyfriend, my angel, and I work tirelessly, to improve the store. Please let us know what you want to see.

I love New York. I want to punch it in the face. I want to kiss it passionately. It has changed me. It’s New York……

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chesterfieldbrooklyn/?hl=tr

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