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Text: Joey Skladany

If you’re looking to sit pretty in pink, look no further than the long-awaited Hello Kitty Café. The pop-up, which opened on Friday, July 15, will be operating at Irvine Spectrum’s Big Wheel Court for a year, serving the cutest, kitty-themed treats, sodas, teas and coffee the OC has to offer. No word on whether or not catnip for humans will be on the menu, though we’re sure their sugary selections will more than suffice.

The cheery decor is not-surprisingly covered in all things pink, white and adorable, modeled off the wildly successful Japanese cat with her signature hair bow. But don’t think you’re getting in during your lunch break. Demand for the famous feline’s hot spot has created five-hour waits and already forced an early closing.

Is it all worth it? For diehard Hello Kitty fans, absolutely. For the average Joe looking for a cup of Joe, we’re not so sure. You may want to head back in a few months when the hype has died or aBadtz-Maru bar opens to steal Sanrio-obsessed patrons. The latter is something we can certainly get behind.


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