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Hey Guys!

I’m Gulsah, a Turkish designer, an illustrator and a big dreamer. Also trying to be a junior artist from Istanbul! I’ve worked in the fashion industry as a stylist and costume designer for prestigious magazines for eight years. Non-stop working life made me feel like I’m running in a endless cycle. And someday it clicked! I made a decision-quit my job, left everything behind and rejected normal life style.
I discovered a little Island called “Koh Lipe” in Thailand. I moved there and started to live in that island for 5 months.
That place was such a paradise: no stress, no ego, no traffic, no rush, just ocean and fishes. I was diving every day and trying to draw what I saw under the water using same colors and shapes. I didn’t even know I could draw a bit before then and this journey let me discover myself.

After, I came back to Istanbul, integrated into the system again took me so long. I really tried hard. But I couldn’t. I made a little office for myself and started to draw something on illustrator program. At the beginning, I didn’t know anything about the program. My hand was drawing in such a horrible way. The only experience that I had was drawing every day during the one year.

When I decided to share my works with my friends, I saw that they really loved them. But for sure, some people didn’t understand the vibe. This gave me the courage for creating my own brand. I started to produced backpacks with my illustration works. They all totally reflects me.

Simple, light, childish, alive and colorful.

Then I realized that I needed a place that I could run this brand. Berlin was always my favorite. First, I went there to see my friends who works in arts. By chance, I bumped into Larry Tee Tzuji ‘s account on Instagram. Larry is a designer based in Berlin. I don’t know why but I wanted to meet him at that moment. I sent him some of my works via e-mail and he accepted my meeting request, and he really liked my works. I can’t forget the moment when he said “Your products are so cute, like you”
During the conversation, he mentioned about BAFW (Berlin Alternative Fashion Week) and he encouraged me to join. It was a great honor for me to hear this from Larry Tee. Because he works with Patricia Field (She is my diva !!! ) and also Missy Elliott wears his brand. After 2 months, we had that conversation, I joined BAFW. It was just an extraordinary experience.

I was born in 1985 and I have totally 80’s child soul.
I always observe street style, especially young generation who against to customary wearing rules. They are building up popular culture dynamics. Music, art and streets; those elements make their rules. Cities like Tokyo, Berlin, and New York give us all the street vibes. My goal is to sale my products in those cities. Absolutely New York is the head of popular culture, pop art and all of these stuff.

In my opinion, popular culture shows us the expression of mid-class people who stuck in the system. Andy Warhol and David LaChapelle is the best proof of it.

Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s, Disneyland. We love Fake!!!

Let me tell you my New York dream:

An art exhibition with a street theme in a music festival. The place is full of skaters and graffiti artists. My works are on the background board and graffiti artists spray my brand name Frame Bags on that board. People takes photo with my designs… And David La Chapelle sees my works at the event! He wants to use my works for his photo shoot ☺
That part could be too much but who cares! Dreams are free!

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