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Article: Emily Johnson

New York City is a definite haven for food indulgence of all kinds. And when it comes to candies, it has some of the most amazing candy stores with a wide range of colorful and yummy treats in every nook and corner. Let’s jump into a list of the stores to make sure that you have an idea where to head to, in case your next sweet craving is right around the corner.

1. The Sweet Life

Situated at 63 Hester Street, this is one of the local favorites for a very good reason. Having a huge assortment of candies of all types, some of the best ones to try out would be the dark chocolate softy pop and the milk chocolate softy pop. This place has got a collection of everything covered in chocolate—from dried fruits in chocolate, pretzels in chocolate to licorice along with assortments from all over the world. The prime attraction is the huge 5-pound gummy bear which can be quite tempting indeed! This 30-year-old sweet shop lives up to its name and is one of the first places to visit when you think about candy.

2. Economy Candy

This shop is situated at Rivington Street and is believed to be one of the oldest in the country. Being handled over many generations, this shop has got over 2000 varieties of candies for you to choose from. Some specialties of the shop are the classic mix of Chico-Sticks, Charms as well as Turkish Taffy, Big League Chew and many more. It is also famous for its themed candies based on Harry Potter, Disney characters and even Star Wars. For all the collectors out there, there is a separate section selling dispensers, cards and lunch boxes.   

3. Sockerbit

Right along Christoper Street, lies this tempting attraction which has got its own load of Swedish treats. With more than 140 varieties of candies, this store specializes in the Scandinavian specialties of salty licorice, caramel hard candy, sour octopi and gummies. Basically meaning ‘Sugar Cube’, one fact of this candy store is that its candies are devoid of any artificial coloring or GMOs and have a high emphasis on quality. They also have traditional Swedish items like bread, meatball mix, nyponsoppa apart from the candies.

4. Dylan’s Candy Bar

This candy store is a one stop location for anything enriched in sweetness and sourness. Situated at 3rd Avenue, this place was opened in 2001 and has gained a good customer base due to its right strategies. Containing about 3 floors of candies from all walks of life, especially tasty Mexican candy, the film themed candies are a specialty along with chocolates, gummies and licorice of all kinds. A 3-D gummy printing, a stairway coated of candy and also a gumball machine are other reasons for people to visit this store in huge numbers.

5. Li-Lac Chocolates

A traditional candy store from 1923 which maintains its authenticity is the best way to describe this store, located at 40 Avenue. Many forgotten tastes like the once famous caramel apples in layers of white and dark chocolate can be found here. Also, the truffles in the shop with their multitude flavors will surely make your mouth water. Other specialties of the shop include chocolate covered grahams, s’mores, Death Pops, chocolate mummies and mini chocolate skulls being famous during the Halloween season.

6. Aji Ichiban

For a great collection of Asian candies and treats, Aji Ichiban located at 37 Mott Street in Chinatown is the place to go to. The attractions of this shop include Thai coconut candy, ginseng candies and gummy chicken feet. With the option of a free sample to help you choose from the wide variety of mind-blowing treats, this place is great to buy matcha (processed green tea), sweet potato flavored KitKat and also dried fruits. Each visit is a surprise as there are always new varieties being displayed making it fun to choose from.

7. Papabubble

Visit this cozy store at 380 Broome Street for a visual treat. You can find professionals making all types and varieties of candies which is by itself quite interesting to watch. Hard candies in flavors of tangy raspberry and mango chili pepper are also made in here. Additionally, the treats here are also kosher as they are nut-free, gluten-free and are not subjected to either corn syrup or gelatin. Other specialties here are the Creamsicles, which are given in a test tube and even the ring pop which is customized to have specific messages.

With so many locations to visit for their sweet treats, it is really hard to live in New York City and keep that sweet tooth under control. So for a little indulgence, the above mentioned stores are perfect to stop by.

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